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Ibstock, the UK’s largest brick maker, continually invests in developing its range of innovative brick-based products and solutions to meet market needs.

Fast StackIbstock-Kevington

While the market is looking to keep pace with demand for new houses, Ibstock-Kevington’s range of building components and specials brick shapes help to speed-up builds. Its prefabricated products and high-quality cut bricks and wall panels include structural and decorative one piece arch systems and underslung soffits – an increasingly popular design feature. The soffits system can create deep bricklined openings where there is restricted access or little or no bearing surfaces available.

Ibstock-Kevington also provides Faststack, a range of BBA approved working or decorative chimneys and Fastwall, an innovative lightweight brick cladding system to line exterior or interior façades.


Distinctive designs can be achieved by using products such as Tilebrick, Ibstock’s tile-shaped front face brick which replicates a tile-hung wall elevation. Three profiles are available in Planar, Banded or Curved shapes. The Planar gives a crisp and defined finish, the Banded adds a strong linear definition to the façade and the traditional Curved finish provides the softer appeal of real tile hanging.

Tilebrick’s unique composition can provide a monolithic appearance without the visual disruption of mortar joints, but it can be laid using traditional mortars. The range comes in 10 colour options including black and buff.


Linear_glazedTo create ever-more distinctive exteriors, Ibstock launched Linear – its range of longer and sleeker bricks that give a dramatic elongated effect to accentuate the linearity of a façade.

Linear bricks provide the opportunity to juxtapose a traditional building material with a modern, contemporary design style. They can be used to create dramatic houses or extensions due to their ability to achieve a distinctive framing for any structure.

Bricks are available in lengths from 240mm up to 490mm and in 50mm and 65mm heights. There are more than 100 choices available including clay, ceramic glazed and stone finish bricks.

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